Blue Sky Markets

There are so many skilled individuals who make a community tick – from the farmers who grow the produce to fill our plates to the craftspeople who fashion the clothing we wear each day. At Blue Sky Markets, we create bustling weekly markets that bring the community together in a fun and vibrant setting.

As well as bringing markets to life each week, the team at Blue Sky Markets can also assist with the planning of other events that engage locals and support small businesses.

We are passionate about creating events that foster a sense of pride within the local community – stop by one of our regular markets to discover for yourself the richness of your local neighbourhood. 


The Collective Market at South Bank in Brisbane
Blue Sky Markets (in consultation with South Bank Corporation), is revitalising the South Bank Lifestyle Market to offer new opportunities for emerging designers, artists and creative entrepreneurs (Stallholder applications are currently being accepted). The relaunch will occur on 26 October 2013 market will be called the Collective Market South Bank. 
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Produce by The Pier on Gold Coast
Blue Sky Markets launched a new local produce & sustainability market at the Broadwater Parklands in Southport on February 2013. After a successful introduction into the Gold Coast scene, the market will take a break over winter with a relaunch on 7 September 2013. Fulfilling public demand, there will be twice as much frequency and a later timeslot to suit the Southport lifestyle: Every Saturday from 8am-2pm.

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Chinatown Markets in Sydney
Blue Sky Markets began managing the Friday night markets in Sydneys' Chinatown from December 2012.
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NSW Office
Phone: 02 9315 7011
Fax: 02 9315 7373
Post: PO Box 522, Randwick, NSW, 2031
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm

QLD Office
Phone: (07) 3844 2440
Fax: (07) 3844 2545
Post: PO Box 16 Stanley Street Plaza, South Bank, QLD, 4101
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm

Interviews and Features

Avalon Market Day

General Call for Applications
Avalon Market Day accepting new applications

Applications for this year’s Avalon Market Day are now open.
We have a new Booking and Payment System.

Please note we have changed our application and booking software, so ALL STALLHOLDERS MUST COMPLETE A NEW APPLICATION FORM.

If you applied prior to August 2013, then your application is not current and you will need to apply again.

The Collective Markets South Bank

T-Travel Photography

We receive loads of compliments about the beautiful and unique products people find at The Collective Markets, which is why we love seeing the husband and wife team Iveta and Zdenko from T-Travel Photography every Sunday, because their stall is nothing short of stunning. They are professional photographers and sell their amazing photos on canvas, acrylic and aluminium ready to beautify the walls in your home or office..

We asked, how would you define the style/taste of your products? “Unique, vibrant, serene, exuding peace and calmness”… And we agree!.

If you want to surround yourself with gallery quality images of nature from around the world for a great price, come and visit the huge T-Travel stall this Sunday at TCM. See some of their amazing photographs and read about their adventures here…

Chinatown Markets Sydney

Have you heard about Dragon Beard Candy?

So, what is Dragon Beard Candy?

It is a traditional delicious sweet originating from the Ancient Chinese Palace.

Well, here are two options that you can get a taste of Dragon Beard Candy:

  1. Use a time travelling machine and fly back to the past.
  2. Get a fresh one from Mater Au on a Friday at Chinatown Markets from 4pm to 11pm!

Bondi Markets

Forever Leather
Charlie Middleton (Bespoke tote bag) at Bondi Markets

There is a difference between simply buying something and truly ‘owning’ it.

Bags are often part of a family within your wardrobe-however there is always one standout stunner chosen regularly due to its familiarity and ease at which it effortlessly glides onto your shoulder. Trading most Sundays at Bondi Markets, Charlie Middleton genuine leather accessories understand the tradition of good design and quality. Ben is the man with his mind on the hide. His brief? Leather goods that are simple yet strong and fashionable with a sense of function. The result is perfect pieces to take pride of place on the arm of any discerning diva.

Perhaps you desire a customised carryall of your own? It’s in the bag! We have a conversation with this creator and his mission of crafting chic arm candy.

Bondi Farmers Market

Bondi Farmers Market and Markets in May Saturday 24 May 2014
We Support Tile

Bondi Farmers Market presents a variety of eco workshops and tours on Saturday 24th May, in celebration of Markets in May. It’s a great opportunity for people of all ages to get hands on with their food, learn more about where food waste goes and how it can be used effectively or if you would like to learn how to fix your own bike, we’ve got that covered too.

When: Saturday 24 May 2014, 9am – 1pm

Where: Bondi Farmers Market

Bondi Beach Public School, Campbell Parade

Bondi Beach

Davies Park Markets

Little Drummer Boy
Son Of Drum Sunset Series Djembe

The gift of rhythm and melody is one that will never age and nurturing talent of a friend or family member is something that will forever be remembered.

Son of Drum are regular stallholders at Davies Park Market with a range from strings, didge to percussion. “Our goal is to make the joy of music accessible to more people, especially when it comes to drumming! Drumming is sociable and fun, so get involved!”

We jam with brainchild Benji to hear how he has the music in him…

Young Designers Market

You Stay Glassy, Brisbane.
Curly Jo Design at YDM

It’s sometimes hard to tell if its really winter here in Queensland, especially when you meet bright and bubbly designers who are so passionate about what they do, selling their wares on a beautiful Sunday in the sun! Take Jo for example, she’s been creating the most amazing jewellery with her own two hands for years now, and we’re so lucky to have her as a regular at the Young Designers Market and The Collective Markets too.


We wanted to know why Jo does what she does, and she told us. Now we’re in love with the person and not just her brilliant product!


“Hey Jo, what’s your style?” we asked… “Eclectic, peasant, bohemian with a touch of whimsy” she says. Find out more about Curly Jo Design here at YDM.